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Follow-up Comment #3:

> 2) Great Wonders are, in all supplied rulesets, made obsolete 
> by "World" range tech req
Good point.

> 1) I don't like handling this differently from land unit 
> veterancy (Sun Tzu & Barracks). Consistency.

but pepeto says:
> I think the cumulative effected should be explicitly disabled 
> in the classic, experimental and civ2civ3 rulesets.
I'm inclined to agree with pepeto here.

I don't think there's much value to the player to consistency between
Barracks+SunTzu and PortFacility+Lighthouse; they already need to remember
that these are quite different to each other (Sun Tzu gives Veteran_Build +
Veteran_Combat, Lighthouse gives Veteran_Build + movement).

And I don't think leaving hard-to-reach loopholes in rulesets is good game
design. If there's a silly loophole in the ruleset, then the rational player
has to track whether they can exploit it, no matter how unlikely, which isn't
much fun.

> civ2civ3: *Someone* has Engineering, so wonder is obsolete 
...even in tech loss cases, because obsoletion survives tech loss. Removing
the cumulative effect should be uncontroversial, since it's not reachable, and
may improve help/AI in the distant future.

> civ2: make consistent with Sun Tzu & Barracks
That is, remove the cumulative effect. This at least should be

> I think multiplayer is ok with the cumulative effect.

Attached two trunk patches which cover the controversial and uncontroversial
aspects. I won't commit these ASAP, to give a chance for more discussion.

(file #22737, file #22738)

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