Follow-up Comment #4, patch #7696 (project freeciv):

Sorry if my post sounded rude, it was not my intention. I was writing under
time constraint.

> If u have compiled resource u dont need source. U can decompile if u need
I didn't find a way to disassemble compiled resource files (won't open in Qt
Creator nor Ark; 'file´ finds no mimetype besides application/octet-stream;
couldn't find anything on the Web). I could write a program doing it, but
that's too much work just to check the list of files.
Resource files are created using the "rcc" compiler, included in the Qt SDK
(/usr/bin/rcc here). I think it could be invoked from the Makefile the same
way moc is.

> Last time I checked help was not styled, and it was ok. Dunno what changed.
This kind of things just happen, nobody knows why, everybody lives with it,
and it's fine :-)

> QPalette shouldn't be used with stylesheets according to some qt docs.
There's a warning in the QApplication::setPalette doc [1] stating that
stylesheets can override the palette settings. It's true, but (1) not using
palettes just because they *can* be overriden is wrong IMHO and (2) the system
palette is always set anyway, and is completely out of our control.
Stylesheets can access palette colors trough the palette() function [2], so
combining both is supported by Qt.

My idea is to adjust the *default* widget colors by changing the palette, and
override them in CSS only where needed. I think such a change would make the
styling look more consistent. For example, the list highlight color and
progress bar background, among others, are still controlled by the system
palette. This leads to a weird look when using, say, "Mint-X Red" [3].

One purely technical concern: As the S2_6 data file format is frozen, is
changing the meaning of "gui_qt_default_theme_name" allowed at all? And you're
actually adding a new file format for theme description... Not that I don't
want to see better theme support in 2.6 already.

[3] or get it through Kde System Settings


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