Summary: Pop_cost units' nationality derived from citizens of
the city that built it
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            Submitted on: Sun 18 Sep 2016 10:04:30 AM BST
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Patch #3625 added unit nationality distinct from owner, and patch #3635 made
it so that foreign pop_cost units add foreign citizens to your city. I think
this only makes a difference in rulesets with unit capturing.

Currently, when you build a new pop_cost unit, reducing city size or
disbanding a city, it has the nationality of the builder, regardless of the
city's citizens. city_reduce_size() prefers to pick foreign citizens, so the
net effect is that any foreign citizens turn into domestic units and hence
domestic citizens. This could be used to circumvent some nationality-related
game rules, such as whether partisans are generated.

This could be changed to preserve citizenship. The obvious question is how to
pick the nationality of the unit, where there's a choice. This could be put
under ruleset control with a "UnitCitizenScore" effect -- by default all
nationalities score equal with a random tiebreaker, modifiable with DiplRel
and similar effects.

Units with pop_cost>1 will need special consideration, since they can't have
more than one nationality. In extremis there will have to be some conversion.
Not sure if we should prefer to modify the scoring (avoid single citizens if
pop_cost=2) or convert. Could perhaps make it depend on whether
citizen.convert_speed > 0.


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