Follow-up Comment #1, bug #25098 (project freeciv):

Please give me a chance to fix my code before just removing it :'( It took me
3 weeks to get there and I fixed quite a few bugs along the way...

Had a quick look before leaving for work:
default_font: it's just misnamed at fonts.h:37

-  const char * const default_font     = "default";
+  const char * const default_font     = "default_font";

chatline: Works here (trunk). Things to check on your side as it doesn't: is
font_options_listener::set_font called with "chatline" as font name (if not ->
bug in common client code?), is font_updater::update_font called with
"chatline" as font name (if not -> bug in font_options_listener or
listener::invoke? unlikely because other fonts work)

notify & req tree: Duplicate of bug #25023
Also related: bug #25022 (on my TODO list)

I'll do a patch for default_font (and chatline if needed). If you wish, I can
adapt your code for notify and req tree to font_options_listener -- just tell


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