> While bored while perusing some of the Panel code looking for more
> documentation to write, I came across an old note in AboutPanel that the
> function for launching the user's web browser to bring them to
> FreeCol-related sites needed to be broken out into its own class.
> I created src\net\sf\freecol\common\util\OSUtils.java for this purpose.\

After a bit more testing, I updated the file to better handle more systems
for browser launch. I have committed the file to the FreeCol Core

Additionally, this branch contains another commit which cleans up a bunch
> of "==" operators that could be more strictly implemented using either
> Equals() or .equals(). That commit fully passed the JUnit testing although
> the change did break an AI test, so no changes to any AI files were
> committed.

After further running of the JUnit tests, I found a change I made to be
incompatible with one of Michael's recent change to a Mouse Listener and I
reverted that change before commit this to the core as well. So the more
modern method should be in place in most places.


 - Caleb
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