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David Lewis <highwayofl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It appears that the way FreeCol currently works is that if you take a
> colonist to a native settlement without a mission to get taught by the
> natives, it uses up the "skill taught" for that settlement... UNLESS you
> have a mission established. Then you can get multiple colonists taught at
> the settlement.

Not quite.  Multiple training is always available at the native capital,
and at settlements with mission *if* the "enhanced missionaries" extension
option is enabled.

> My question comes in regards to establishing a mission AFTER you've had a
> colonist taught at that particular settlement. The skill taught is not
> restored.


> This makes it so that if you want to be able to use a native
> settlement to teach multiple colonists a skill, you need to ensure that you
> establish a mission there FIRST, else you'll be limited to teaching a
> single colonist that skill.

> Is that by design, or is there a bug here where the mission doesn't
> re-instate the skill taught field?

It is intentional on my part, inasmuch as I am responsible for the enhanced
missionaries option.  Once consumed, the skill is *gone* from the game,
and that is the default Col1 action.  The designers were clearly OK with
the loss of the training opportunity.  I only put in "enhanced
missionaries" because I thought they were underpowered.

Mike Pope

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