You lost me on the Brown Paper Bag release... what is/was that? I'm
completely unfamiliar with the direct downloads vs intermediate releases,
educate me?

I think we could (in the future) have decent version handling. We're at
beta being anything 0.y.z, so technically there is no RC release needed
since it's expected to break until we hit 1.0.0. -- Unless this project
doesn't use version x (major) as 'stable' but to imply that it has reached
full Col1 feature matching (please no!) If so, it's back to scratching our
heads and drawing something up for RC releases so that we can get more
hands on a beta release to look at. Which is the goal here so that we can
catch more bugs like 3089. Otherwise we're going to have eternal... "almost
there, oh! Another blocker..." 1 month later, "almost there... oh! Another
blocker..." and so on for another 6 months. (The release manager in me
weeps.) This is that tension place where there's no right answer, but we
might have to just go for it. I don't mind doing some (relatively) rapid
releases until we're far more stable. But I like the state of the game now
over what it was in 0.11.6.
There are going to be other hidden gems in there that will make us cringe
and we'll have to fix. But that's okay! I'm super optimistic.

Hey, if that stubbornness comes you going, I'll do whatever I can to
encourage it. I'm honestly very impressed. :)
I for one am super grateful to you for your dedication, especially over the
last 2 years of major architecture changes/rewrites. What a big chore to
take on mostly by yourself! I would peek at the project every month or 2 to
watch the progress before I honestly got sick of playing version 0.11.6 and
figured I'd do something about it. :)

I'll take a look at 3089 and see if it's something I could fix.

If you don't give me a thumbs-up of confidence in the release by around the
19th or 20th, we'll push out at least another week. Sound good?

-- David

On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 8:43 PM Michael T. Pope <> wrote:

> On Fri, 11 Aug 2017 16:36:20 +0000
> David Lewis <> wrote:
> > I'd love to do a pre-0.12 release to do just that... but since this is
> > still beta, 0.12.0 **is** the pre-release to 1.0.0 anyway. That's why my
> > opinion/vote would be to just go for it -- creating the 0.12.0 release
> > soonish, knowing there are some issues.
> We did have 0.{8,9,10}.0-alpha{,2,3} releases.  I found them annoying at
> the time as it quickly became unclear which version bugs were being
> reported against.  However that was before we had explicit version and
> commit numbers in the saved games.  So there is some precedent for a
> 0.12.0-preN release.  Perhaps that is the best compromise this time round.
> The other reservation I have with risking the dreaded Brown Paper Bag[1]
> release is that it mucks around the users, or at least the ones that do
> direct downloads rather than those who rely on intermediate packagers.  We
> do owe them a measure of consideration.
> [1] I believe I did actually download and compile the infamous linux
> version that gave rise to the Brown Paper Bag phrase:-), but lucked out
> in that I did not reboot until it was replaced.  That would have been
> annoying.
> > I think the major thing we want to
> > try and avoid is big blockers (P0). So far most have been fixed,
> I lack your confidence there.  We only got the REF working again
> this week!  BR#3089 is not encouraging.
> > Such is the way of OSS that doesn't have enterprise backing, with a very
> > small team and you doing 99% of the work. I am amazed and pleased that
> you
> > were able to stick with it for so long! I don't know that I could have
> done
> > that.
> Stubbornness is a virtue in this context.  I will be here for 1.0.
> Cheers,
> Mike Pope
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