On Thursday 15 March 2018 01:56 AM, ni nhar wrote:
> https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/freedombox-discuss/2017-October/008154.html
>  Did a person from the freedombox.org respond on the email?

I believe no one did.

> Does a group of persons do an organized fundraising? Explore relevant
> places for getting funds? Contacts them?
> If there is no such group, one should get formed. Would more money to
> the freedombox not be beneficial for it?

FreedomBox Foundation collects donations from people on behalf of the
project. I think active exploration for funding is not happening.

Two of us (Joseph and I) are sponsored by ThoughtWorks. Apart from that,
more donations can go to causes like the village internet project here
in India, bounties, outreach and funding for developers.

I believe the foundation could use help in fund raising activities. I
would encourage interested volunteers to get in touch with the
Foundation too.


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