I keep getting the occasional user who has downloaded a really old
version of the FreeDOS distribution (usually Beta5) and even though
they ftp'd it from 'official.old' on the ibiblio archive, these users
still ask me why things are out of date or do not work correctly. I
keep pointing them to the 1.0 distribution, and that seems to work
fine for them.

So to remove any confusion, I plan to remove the old FreeDOS
distributions from ibiblio, effective next week. Specifically, I will
remove these files:

old/ (Jul 2006)
old-aug19/ (Aug 2006)
old.old/ (Jul 2006)

0.05.ALPHA/ (12 Jan 1998)
0.1.BETA/ ("Orlando", 25 Mar 1998)
0.2.BETA/ ("Marvin", 29 Oct 1998?)
0.3.BETA/ (21 Apr 1999?)
0.4.BETA/ ("Lemur", 9 Apr 2000?)
0.5.BETA/ ("Lara", 10 Aug 2000)
0.6.BETA/ ("Midnite", 18 Mar 2001)
0.7.BETA/ ("Spears", 7 Sep 2001)
0.8.BETA/ ("Nikita", 7 Apr 2002)
0.9rc1.BETA/ ("Methusalem", Jul 2003?)
0.9rc2.BETA/ (23 Aug 2003)
0.9rc3.BETA/ (27 Sep 2003)
0.9rc4.BETA/ (5 Feb 2004)
0.9rc5.BETA/ (20 Mar 2004)
0.9.BETA/ (28 Sep 2004)
0.9sr1.BETA/ (30 Nov 2004)
0.9sr2.BETA/ (30 Nov 2005)
ripcord/ (2001-2003)

afdbd.1/ (2005)
blairdistro.old/ (2005)
bootfd.1/ (2003)
cddjgpp/ (2006)
easy-fd32.old/ (2002)
fdosgame/ (2006)
fdoslite/ (2005)
gingging.old/ (2000)
gnudos/ (2006)
nethack.1/ (2004/2005)
newcreations.old/ (2003)
rxdos.old/ (2000)

The "balder" distribution ("unofficial") is fairly recent (Mar 2007)
so I will not delete that. And while "odin" ("unofficial) is from
2006, I think a few people still recommend it, so I will not delete
that either.

Those of you running rsync'd mirrors will notice about 3GB to
disappear from your archives.


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