Is there any good reason why RC2 contains ancient versions of DJGPP packages?

- DJGPP v2.05 release is out already for a year, but RC2 contains old 2.03

- Other DJGPP package versions are also outdated like gcc-4.7.1, 
binutils-2.22.1, gdb-7.5 and 
perhaps more. Current versions of DJGPP ports of related packages are 
gcc-6.2.0, binutils-2.27, 

If one wants to stick with gcc-4.7 then at least one should use gcc-4.7.4 and 
of course DJGPP 
v2.05. I do not see any serious reasons for not updating binutils and gdb 
versions. Of course it 
would be best to check also other DJGPP packages.


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