Hi Eric,

> it is correct that I have once compiled a version of FIND,
> but I have yet not found time to find out what *changes*
> the updated code snippet by Tom provides. Because I would
> be interested to understand what originally was wrong :-)
was detailed in the mail :-<

> Of course, if somebody else wants to compile FIND with the
> updated code, it would be just as good.
it's not (I can easily do that)

but this should be compiled. put into a package, go to ibiblio, ...
i.e. maintainer stuff

> As mentioned earlier,
> compilation with Turbo C (NOT Turbo C++ and not OpenWatcom C)
> has the advantage of creating a SMALL binary for FIND, which
> is good when you want to put it on a classic tool floppy disk.

> Maybe Tom could mail a diff -u to illustrate his patch here?

I NEVER do things that you can do exactly as easy as I.
the full source was in the mail.

In fact you can do it even easier as I have no diff around.


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