Excerpt from Rugxulo:

> So that's bare minimum (not counting drivers / extensions like XMS or
> DPMI or mouse or ...).

> But, even then, FSF hates mentioning or linking to proprietary
> software, yet FreeDOS is meant to be binary compatible with as much
> legacy software as possible. So it's the same problem as ReactOS:

> https://www.gnu.org/distros/common-distros.en.html

I read that page, and it looks like a tall order to produce an OS or distro 
fully free by their criteria.  Even mentioning how to get something nonfree 

>From that page:


  ReactOS is meant as a free binary compatible replacement for Windows. Use 
with proprietary software and drivers meant for Windows is one of the stated 
goals of the project.

I think that would also be true for FreeDOS, replacing "ReactOS" with "FreeDOS" 
and "Windows" with "DOS" (such as DR-DOS, MS-DOS and PC-DOS).

It would be an awful tall order for FreeDOS to replace all legacy SCSI drivers 
and other hardware drivers with open-source versions.

Part of the purpose of FreeDOS is to use with proprietary DOS software such as 
business applications (Quattro Pro for DOS, dBASE for DOS) and legacy DOS 
games.  This could be said for DOSBox as well.

I have run Borland Quattro Pro and dBASE under both DOSBox and FreeDOS.

One of the goals of Wine is to use with proprietary Windows software.


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