I resubscribed to the list to participate in Jim Hall's GNUish project.

I realize that I haven't upgraded edlin since 2010. I have the sources for 2.15 but Sourceforge locked me out of the project for some reason and I haven't been able to log in there. Anyway, it is rated 5 stars out of 5. ;-)

If anyone has anything they would like to contribute for edlin, send me your sources as I am the new (old) maintainer!

I sent Jim Hall my version of the Unix command 'cat' for the GNUish project.

The cat command concatenates files and prints them to standard output.


-b, --number-nonblank          Number all nonblank output lines, starting
                               with 1.

-e                             Equivalent to -vE.

-n, --number                   Number all output lines, starting with 1.

-s, --squeeze-blank            Replace multiple adjacent blank lines with a
                               single blank line.

-t                             Equivalent to -vT.

-u                             Ignored; for Unix compatability.

-v, --show-nonprinting         Display control characters except for
                               linefeed and tab using '^' notation and
precede characters that have the high bit set
                               with 'M-'.

-A, --show-all                 Equivalent to -vET.

-E, --show-ends                Display a '$' after the end of each line.

-T, --show-tabs                Display tab characters as '^I'.

--help                         Print a usage message and exit with a
                               non-zero status.

--version                      Print version information on standard output
                               then exit.

On systems like MS-DOS that distinguish between text and binary files,
'cat' normally reads and writes in binary mode. However, 'cat' reads in text
mode if one of the options '-bensAE' is used or if 'cat' is reading from
standard input and standard input is a terminal. Similarly, 'cat' writes in text mode if one of the options '-bensAE' is used or if standard output is a


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