On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 5:02 PM, Andreas K. Foerster <a...@akfoerster.de> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, dem 30. Mai 2017 schrieb Rugxulo:
>> >> >> > http://akfoerster.de/dl/akf-software/row4.zip
>> >> >
>> >> > Please look for updates. I'm still working on it.
>> >> > Though most work is for ports to other systems...
> Sorry for the late answer. But I worked on it further...

Added mouse, combined .de and .en, but you didn't use UPX-UCL! (Tsk tsk.)

> Now it is actually compilable with the version of bcc that comes
> with FreeDOS. It has even more limitations, but nothing I
> couldn't work around. However, no optimizations at all anymore.

"copt"[.exe] was missing (upstream) for the 16-bit DOS-hosted version.
Honestly, I doubt it improves much.

>> OpenWatcom (OSI) supports tiny model and has conio.h. You can always
>> support both compilers, if desired. And it does cross-compile from
>> many host OSes, including Windows or Linux.
> The license of OpenWatcom is not accepted by the FSF.
> That is important for me.

Seriously, if you want good 16-bit support and have an irrational
hatred of OpenWatcom (OSI), then use Free Pascal's i8086-msdos
cross-target (all memory models except Huge, but see trunk). Hey, it's
way better than GCC anyways!    ;-)

>> AFAICT, the last release is 0.16.21 from 2014, updated by some other
>> dude (not by Robert de Bath anymore):
>> https://github.com/lkundrak/dev86/releases
> Thanks.
> Maybe I'll contact them later.

Ask them to (Canadian?) cross-compile it for DJGPP:


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