> I have a question regarding building/installing "command.com". The
> latest install (FD12LITE) shows command.com @~67K bytes.

command.com uses UPX to compress it's size.

compressed 38.302 command.exe, + ~25 K uncompressed string resources.

build with Turbo CPP, code segment size is  0EB3FH _TEXT

> When I
> attempt to build command.com (in trunk) from the latest version
> (1.2) source, the linker indicates total CODE >64K -- thus exceeding
> the 'small' model limits. Making the changes for 'large' model
> yields COMMAND.EXE @~188K -- CODE still over 64K.
compiling command.com with the large model may be useful for
debugging, but will kill the SWAP feature, costing ~100 K memory.
and most likely crash in various interesting ways. don't try this.

> I'm using Borland 5.2 -- a supported compiler.

borland 5.2 may have worked once; but afaik we only tested with the
free borland compilers; TC 2.01 and TCPP 1.01, and recently watcom

> I'm assuming that COMMAND.EXE requires the conversion to
> COMMAND.COM (with the supplied utility in the utils folder) before
> installing. I assume that other compilers would yield similar results?

I have no idea what is in FD 1.2
I downloaded 
and got multiple unresolved externals.

after just 2 hours debugging the makefiles work,
and changement of scripts\ECHOLIB.BAT to
  @echo off
  set FILE=%1

  if "%2" == "" goto ende_neu
  set STR=+%2
  echo %STR% & >> %FILE%
  @goto loop_neu


(a few lines were overflowing the 128 character limit)

resulted in a working command.com

> thx, Rich

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Tom Ehlert

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