Yesterday I said:
>I'll show you the full file... even if I think I might have damage it a bit in 
>the long day:

Indeed fpc (the command lne one for Fedora x64) was not working anymore.

Here is the essential part (not copying back the full ~/.fpc.cfg [where ~ is 
your home directory in Linux]:


# Must be the crosscompiler to FreeDOS





# Must be the native Linux compiler





In the #ELSE part, I change lib to lib64, because my Linux is 64 bits so the 
fpc units are there. [had copied verbatim from the website that part]

And now I can use the same config file for both (fpc for native x86-64 Linux 
target, and ppcross8086 for FreeDOS 16 bit target)

[paul@fedora mypas]$ whereis fp

fp: /usr/bin/fp /usr/share/man/man1/fp.1.gz

[paul@fedora mypas]$ dnf provides /usr/bin/fp

Dernière vérification de l’expiration des métadonnées effectuée il y a 1 day, 
3:44:52 le dim 19 mar 2023 16:30:32.

fpc-ide-3.2.2-10.fc38.x86_64 : Free Pascal Compiler - terminal-based IDE

Dépôt               : @System

Correspondances trouvées dans  :

Nom de fichier : /usr/bin/fp

So, fp, the IDE, use a fpc.cfg file in the directory, and create one if it does 
not exist.

So even before fixing my ~/.fpc.cfg file, fp IDE was working for me.
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