Op 30-6-2011 1:29, Santiago Almenara schreef:
> Thanks Eric!
> I'll try 2040 instead of 2030.

Just for everyone's information, I'm still able to hit a double "BAD FAT 
INFO - Run CHKDSK" error message from the kernel occasionally
The only situation in which I sometimes am able to trigger that, is by 
booting from USB flash drive (at 1.1 speeds, bah) and then deleting a 
8MB (or more) ISO file from root of that directory.
In addition to that the USB flashdrive and keyboard disappear, forcing a 
system reboot through the case's hardware button. Not narrowed down this 
situation, but wasn't using USB drivers.

However, for general use 2040 should be perfectly safe as floppy and 
harddisk controllers aren't such a mess as legacy bios emulation.

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