Op 18-12-2011 23:31, Pete Batard schreef:

> 1. I am the developer of Rufus [1], which is a DOS-bootable USB flash
> drive creation utility for Windows. One of the versions of Rufus embeds
> FreeDOS (kernel + freecom) for installation as the default DOS, in lieu
> of the WinMe DOS that can be extracted from diskcopy.dll.

I've recently learned about your Rufus program from the Reboot.pro 
forums, it seems quite interesting indeed. Would likely be a nice 
addition from ReactOS (which you made use of already) but as that's GPL2 
while your program is GPL3 that won't be possible I guess.

> 3. All the machines I have tried so far report the CHS vs LBA computed
> mismatch warnings. Considering that first time FreeDOS users might be
> put off because of these benign warnings, I would very much like to
> avoid them.

There's a list of warnings indeed. A big one at that, especially when 
using syslinux's "nopassany" directive to hide physical disk drive units.

> Could this patch be considered for the mainline tree then?

I can't answer this, as I'm no developer. It could be an interesting 
addition for kernel 2041 if any kernel maintainer is still active 

> PS: is there a reason why one must have an AUTOEXEC.BAT present, even a
> blank one, to avoid the prompts for date&time in FreeCOM? What is the
> purpose of mandatory prompting for those?

Remove your CMOS battery and you'll see. Basicly, ancient machines often 
had no battery and yet needed to have a time and date set. I guess 
FreeDOS follows MSDOS design in this aspect.

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