Op 14-1-2012 19:48, Bertho Grandpied schreef:
> It's been a few days and I'm surprised my first mail hasn't been acknowledged 
> in any way, let alone answered; strange, I've been part of various lists 
> before, usually 'newbies' are greeted rather than ignored altogether. So I'll 
> reiterate and articulate the above question just in case it was not clear : 
> have I done something wrong ? should I try posting to the "kernel" or 
> "developers" lists instead ?

Truth is we're not sure, this 4K sector size thing comes in several 
1) emulation with aligned 512byte sector emulation
2) emulation with non-aligned 512byte sector emulation
3) native 4K (especially USB bridges apparently)

> In other words, this is asking what the plan is for the FreeDOS kernel to be 
> able to mount mass storage devices having 4 kilobytes per sector ?

If the disk has traditional BIOS partitioning layout (MBR, 
primary/logical partitions with FAT16/FAT32 filesystems) then it might 
be possible for the kernel to work with this as long as it is a data 
disk. Booting from a partition without 512byte sector-size is probably 
more challenging, let alone guarantee file(-system) integrity and disk 
manipulating (defragmentation programs, filesystem checkers like CHKDSK 

GPT partitioning scheme isn't supported at all (nor is EFI/UEFI without 
BIOS emulation).

> As said in previous message,
>> I for one am ready to test development kernels against my
>> USB disk appliance (1 TiB Iomega Prestige).

freedos-kernel would be most appropriate list as the developers on there 
have most expertise. However they're also the ones who are rarely 
present due to other interests or obligations, so getting answers can 
take a while.

You could also try freedos-devel for this specific technical question 
but answers might take as long as getting answers on the users list. 
People usually don't answer if they don't have the correct answer, thus 
things stay quiet for a while.

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