Kernel 2041 shot: (no
breaking news)

previous 2040:

SYS updated together with kernel, 2041:

previous 2011-Aug:

What's new in SYS:

* reduced bloat by 2+1/2 KiB
* changed the "Usage: SYS CONFIG /HELP" text
* ???

Minor SYS BUG (see shot): it fails to find KERNEL.SYS despite it's
in there (it has "R" attribute). Suggestion for improvement:

- read and report KERNEL.SYS attribs and size
- if "R" then write "can't modify because read-only"
- IF ((not "R") AND (modification requested)) THEN
- - open with write access
- open with read access only

Other thing somewhat "missing" is reading out the version info
(now 2041, date, 8086-vs80386, FAT16-vs-FAT28) ... IIRC we had
already discussed that some time ago:
2011-Jul-30 "[Freedos-kernel] FreeDOS kernel UPX'ing and versionning

And one more suggestion: SPLIT SYS from KERNEL. Why?

- FreeDOS SYS is de facto shared with EDR-DOS, unlike KERNEL
- SYS getting updated independently (like the 2011-Aug-10 release)
- The 2041 release has 4 packages all having the same SYS.COM file
- SYS.COM history is not documented

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