On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 4:02 AM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:

> Hi Louis,
> if I understand your patch correctly, you only changed the
> build configuration to check how it affects the size of
> the compiled kernel before UPX compression, which also is
> an indicator of RAM size of the kernel? You changed the
> config.b, build.bat, buildall.bat files and generic.mak
> and watcom.mak and the resulting kernel sizes give the
> impression that in fact you only have FOUR distinct CPU
> optimizations, rather than seven cases...
> Yes.  And just ran md5sum's against the kernels to verify this

3c0d2507d2595727b6d9a9a1bc979e72  kwc8616.sys
40d4679c99cd2579d0a96acdaaa62d99  kwc18616.sys
2234e5d367fb2562f430bc84dafd5c7d  kwc28616.sys
623498bd71a46d16bcef211e743a9bed  kwc38616.sys
c3a607792ba8a0c8c8705dd370180619  kwc48616.sys
c3a607792ba8a0c8c8705dd370180619  kwc58616.sys
c3a607792ba8a0c8c8705dd370180619  kwc68616.sys

69eb7732f791db340632f722c9dbce16  kwc8632.sys
f5c6d0d778fb196610385bc7c4689419  kwc18632.sys
1e4fd656603fd09171d9d85631e77045  kwc28632.sys
b51d670433fd5d0d31d7babecbed84fe  kwc38632.sys
e1e87c09787ea3db18ccaa5c1675420a  kwc48632.sys
e1e87c09787ea3db18ccaa5c1675420a  kwc58632.sys
e1e87c09787ea3db18ccaa5c1675420a  kwc68632.sys

...and I'll modify Eric's assertion.  There's 5 kernel produced by OW for
the 7 arch's.  x86, 186, 286, 386, 486+.  It would seem that OW doesn't
know much about 586+ arch's but can use the instructions in special
situations.  And this makes sense when you consider when Watcom fell out of
favor commercially and probably saw it's last real optimizer work.

> Kernels without FAT32:
> 086: 64158 bytes
> 186: 63028 bytes (286 same)
> 386: 62164 bytes
> 486: 62068 bytes (586 and 686 same)
> Kernels with FAT32:
> 086: 68358 bytes
> 186: 67180 bytes (286 same)
> 386: 66044 bytes
> 486: 65948 bytes (586 and 686 same)
> [SNIP]

 Big wins could be had on 586 with FPU memcpy 64-bit versus the 16-bit asm
in the kernel now and possibly the string functions.  But just an idea
right now.

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