Hi Roy,

> Is there any guide that can help on compiling custom kernel with less-used  
> function(for example, NLS functions) removed/stubified?

Well FAT32 is a compile time option and I think RayeR made
a slightly stripped kernel for his "DOS in your flash BIOS
chip" micro... ehh... distro, but there is no one size fits
all answer to your question. If you can make a list of the
things you want to remove, then people on this list could
tell you how much size difference it would make and how bad
of a hack removing those functions would be :-) Note that
you do not want to spend much effort for this: Most users
have much bigger disks and with DOS extenders and already
by simply having DOS=HIGH in the HMA, kernel size is not
an issue anyway. Also, the FreeDOS kernel is designed to
be nice and small compared to the big feature set... :-)

Regards, Eric

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