I am an E.E./Comp. Sci. student, but I want to contribute to the FreeDOS 
Kernel.  Would it be fine if I began setting up a multiuser/multitasking 
system like Digital Research's DOS 5, and begin the work to get Forth 
into the kernel?   I am just going to make a branch to test each of 
these, and if you like it then I will make a commit.  If not it will be 
a short lived fork.  I have been following this project, and I would 
love to see it get more attention.

  I have a Tandon 80386SX machine with 1MB of ram (hopefully getting it 
up to 8MB) and rock a 5.25" drive in my main rig with modern hardware.  
I don't want to see this go away just because it's "old".  I will be 
doing all my tests on the Tandon while it has 1MB.  Does that sound 

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