I downloaded and installed the new kernel, and looked a bit and tested a bit.

There is a version history file included and it lists a few detail improvements.

<- outdated

Are there some major applications that previously didn't work but now
should work (Watcom debugger ? DGJPP ? ...) ?

shots: http://www.xaver.me/drdoswiki/index.php?n=Main.Gallery#toc18 -
(C) still says "2012"

There is a "SYS.COM" 3.6 included recompiled with new date but not
consistent with "SYS.COM" 3.7 or 3.8 from here:
http://www.fdos.org/kernel/sys ... what's the point of those 2
branches of SYS? The source code looks inconsistent (2 branches
developed separately ?), some files differ by whitespace only.
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any history file for "SYS.COM".
What is the preferable version of SYS ?

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