Thanks! It looks like the shell directive does exactly what I want. It
defines what the kernel loads as the command processor. I'm in a funny
situation where I only have just over 6 months total experience with DOS,
and yet I'm writing DOS software for machinery which is 200 miles away...
Not ideal, but it is what it is.

>From the point of view of protecting this system from counterfeiting &
unauthorised access, is it possible to interrupt processing config.sys? I
had read about pressing F5 to bypass config.sys and autoexec.bat. Also that
this can be disabled in config.sys. That seemed like a chicken and egg
situation to me - disabling processing of config.sys by executing config.sys
? What if F5 is pressed before config.sys is loaded? The system doesn't have
a keyboard plugged in, but it's not impossible to plug one in if you're
interested in poking around the system. However, if I completely removed and all other commands then the kernel wouldn't be able to load

Another thought I have - what would the behaviour of the kernel be if my
program (as the command processor) does terminate? Does it reboot, restart
the command processor, or just hang?

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