On Wed, 04 Jan 2017 18:59:25 -0800, Ben Hutchinson wrote:
> Of all the many files in the FreeDOS sourcecode, which files will I need
> if I just want to compile the bootsector and the kernel?

You'll need the source files present in the "KERNEL" package, 
unsurprisingly. You can also fetch these sources on-line here:

> And also, what is the recommended free compiler (I'm
> not about to spend money to buy one) for use in compiling the FreeDOS
> bootsector and kernel?

The FreeDOS kernel can supposedly be compiled with the following 
compilers: MS C, Watcom C, Turbo C, Turbo C++, Borland C.
>From those, I have tested successfully Open Watcom and Turbo C 2.01. Both 
are free (no cost). Using Turbo C requires to change a few lines of 
comments though, as I wrote here the 26th November of last year (still 
not fixed on SVN).


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