I noticed was getting more messages appearing during my bootup with kernel 2042 
compared to 2041. Upon investigation, I found it is not passing any switches 
given in fdconfig.sys install=<command> <swiches> to the command. This is the 
case also of installhigh.

eg fdconfig.sys lines:

2345?install=\DOS\ansi.com /q
6?install=\core\tm.exe /43 

Confirmed behaviour under kernel 2041* ansi.com quietly loads as directed (/q)* 
tm.exe (inkutils) switches to 80x43 mode as directed (/43)

Confirmed behaviour under 2042* ansi.com ignores /q and prints usage messages* 
tm.exe does not switch to 80x43 mode, instead reports current mode consistent 
as if no switch given.

This and the NUL drive/dir bug I reported several days ago, with a hotfix 
kernel provide by Tom,  are pretty big bugs. For now I've gone back to 2041 as 
am concerned about other nasties I've yet to discover. 

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