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>i want to move the server to a better machine running samba, but samba means tcpip.

I didn't see any DOS port of SAMBA, I also want to try

>is it doable with freedos on those floppies and that great amount of ram?

I think 4MB of RAM is enough to start FreeDOS

>i have read about many tcp/ip stack flavors but can use other than mstcp
>to use msnet? any other way to get NBT there? (i prefer to use dhcp if

Yes, other TCP/IP available such as WATTCP
(http://www.smashco.com/wattcp.asp) but no NETBEUI. If you want NBT
you must install M$ Client

I've never tried NETBEUI because only TCP/IP can go to Internet.

>any suggestion is very very very welcome.

For DOS server I'm trying EZ-NOS (http://www.eznos.org), it's not hard
to configure, you can try play around.


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