Hello list,

This 5th release candidate was intended to be a minor update to the FreeDOS Beta9 series, but has turned out to be a major release, much to my surprise. so far, both the special bootdisk and the packages have been updated, and the installation process has been has slightly tuned and made more reliable.

Features and important updated components of this release candidate:

    * Completely rewritten readme files (so DO READ them!)
    * Improved installation menu navigation
    * Configurable NLS settings (codepages, keyboard layouts)
    * Text-installer runs in case GUI installer or CWSDPMI fails (or select MONOCHROM 
    * Memtest86+ v1.11 has been added to bootdisk (option 1, then option 2)
    * Smart Boot Manager v3.7.1r1 has been added to bootdisk (option 1, then option 3) 
so you can
      boot from cd/dvd on any 386 or newer system.

    * FreeDOS Kernel 2034, reduced memory usage (Bart Oldeman)
    * EMM386 1.11, now including VCPI support (Tom Ehlert / Michael Devore)
    * Mem 1.6 including /C option (Bart Oldeman)
    * Keyb 2.0 Prerelease 1 (Aitor Santamaria Merino)
    * DOSFSCHK working version for FAT32 (Imre Leber, patch by Lucho)
    * UDMA 7.0 (final version by Lucho, no longer maintained)
    * EDIT 0.8, fixing the 'expanding TABS' bug (Joe Cosentino)
    * HTMLhelp 1.03, including ZIP support for saving disk space for the many 
    * Bootfix 1.4, bootsector analysis and dumping tool (Arkady V Belousov)
    * MODE, new features & works better with DISPLAY  (Eric Auer)
    * DEBUG, featuring FAT32 support (Paul Vojta) -->

This is a release candidate because it provides only the Base diskset and the corresponding sources for it.
After people working nearly 10 years on the FreeDOS project, the released software is almost ready for a 1.0 release. Therefore we ask you to help us add items to the FreeDOS 1.0 ToDo list and to resolve the remaining issues. The next Beta9 distribution will no longer be a release candidate, and will feature a diskette release.

Beta 9RC5 can be obtained in cdrom-format as a downloadable ISO image from Ibiblio in a few hours from now. No diskette release, but Steve Nickolas probably will release an updated ODIN
(One Disk INstall) release in both 720KB and 1440KB diskette image formats.

With kind regards,

Bernd Blaauw

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