Hi Imre!

> > SCANDISK - this should be implemented as an user interface to DOSFSCK
> Yes, for this you should strip down dosfsck (throw out delayed writing and

I disagree: Delayed writing is perfectly useful because you can use the code
to create an UNDO LOG before actually changing the disk, very similar to the
"MS" SCANDISK feature of creating an undo floppy.

> the undelete feature). Then you should make it compile with turbo c++
> [Imre suggests a 16bit version...]

Disagree again: DOSFSCK can check FAT32 and uses lots of memory. There is
no real need for an 8086 compatible SCANDISK, and a 15 year old 386 already
has enough features to run a DJGPP/386 SCANDISK.

> After you can get this to run you could change all the input/output from
> the user to show up in dialogs, this should not be to difficult (might be
> a lot of work though?).

Yes, that is mainly what creating SCANDISK from DOSFSCK would mean. I think
code from Joes user interface for the old proof of concept SCANDISK can be
re-used for this.


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