Jay Maus wrote:

Wow, I'm impressed by all the discussion this has sparked. It's good to see
an active dev community. So I think I'm nearly ready to start futzing around
with FreeDOS code, but it's still a little foreign to me: I'm used to 32-bit
Windows C++. In Visual Studio, no less. Are there any good books or online
guides out there for learning intermediate [Free]DOS 16-bit C programming?

Also, do I need a native FreeDOS environment to compile in, or can I
cross-compile with gcc? Also also, is there a good IDE that'll run in
Windows XP, or do I need to use RHIDE in something like DOSBox? I remember
using RHIDE on my old old old 486 Laptop the first time I started playing
around with DOS code, but it was unbearably slow.

Thanks, I'm really appreciative of the FreeDOS community.

gcc can compile and cross-compile 32-bit DOS stuff, but not 16... for 16-bit C you'll prolly need a DOS-based compiler running on some form or emulation of DOS, or Watcom runs native on NT...


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