On Sun, 9 May 2004, Eric Auer wrote:

> Hi, this is a fun followup to the problems of 8.3 names and
> FreeDOS internet connection.

[ that GPL requires 8.3 is bullshit indeed. Though it talks about
equivalent access to the source code. If someone who can access the binary
can't access the source code, only then you have a problem, but as most
released zips have both source code and binary there is usually no issue.
Anyway without the OP explaining his claim this is just guessing ].

> I am writing this mail in DOS :-)).
> SSH2DOS -t vt100 -v -n -g username servername

err, you are using your DOS PC as a vt100 terminal to a Unix-style server.
But then what does DOS know about writing emails...

> Another good point with FreeDOS + SSH2DOS is that my disk just went
> to sleep :-). In Linux, it is never really idle. The bad point is that
> I cannot switch to another window or do anything else than SSHing
> while I am in this SSH2 session in FreeDOS...

run dosemu remotely (perhaps using "-dumb") and GNU screen or something
like that and you can switch between multiple DOS programs and Linux
programs as often as you like :)


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