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>Arachne is under GPL now!

Quite some time ago, and some fans have new cores up to version 1.73

>I was very happy when i heard this news and wanted to help developing 
>it. But i am very said, that the code is very bad.

I guess, ARACHNE's guy tired of the code and don't want to spend time
on it anymore because the code was too complex

>For example many functions has GOTO commands and it is very difficult to 
>add new futures (if somebody would port it to DJGPP again).

I can't code so I've no idea, but choosing the correct development
tool is very important, maybe the coders here can advise

>It also insn't very fast. I think because it uses XMS and other caches, 
>which would be obsolete with a 32-BIT compiler(DJGPP).

How about OpenWatcom?

>btw: the last version of the text-browser lynx supports frames....

For today's websites, text-browser is not enough. So ARACHNE is the
only choice.


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