At 03:16 PM 4/27/2004 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

>Hi, I would call X=TEST either HIGHSCAN or SAFESCAN if you
>were to ask me what syntax should be used to "exclude all
>high areas which contain other than all-0 / all-ff".
>By the way, while googling for NoMovExBDA I found that in
>EMM386 of DOS 6.22 / newer ROM= got improved. If that means
>that older versions did not use ROM= at all, it would be yet
>another reason why EMM386 of FreeDOS does not need ROM= at
>least in FreeDOS 1.0 (most newer boards / BIOSes copy ROM to
>shadow RAM anyway and need no help from EMM386 - even an old
>386 board in my family needed no EMM386 help to shadow ROM).

HIGHSCAN is an existing EMM386 Microsoft option and has a specific meaning:  try to 
use the memory areas F000 - F7FF for UMB's.  We may support it someday.  It definitely 
shouldn't be recycled to something else.

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