some one schreef:

Hello list,
I am trying to install FreeDos B9RC5 on my Dell Latitude XPi Laptop. My problem is with FDISK v1.3.0. When I run “FDISK”, I receive this message:

“No fixed disks present.”

Then I modified A:\FREEDOS\FDISK.INI by adding the line “DRIVE 1-4200-016-63” to override the hard disk detection and received this message:

“Invalid drive designation…Operation Terminated.”

My hard drive is an IBM DCRA-22160.
I am not too sure what to do, I googled without any luck. Any comments/suggestions welcomed, if you need more hardware specs ask and I’ll post.

Hi "some one" :), I need more specifications. In my case, Fdisk failed for detecting SCSI in VMware, a problem still under investigation. Please post more specifications of the harddisk, like interface connection (IDE, SCSI, USB, FireWire, PCMCIA/PCcard?)

please report if your disk is detected using another Fdisk program, like the following 


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