> Can I dualboot Freedos and win98 on the same primary partition?

Yes. You can use a boot menu like MetaKern or Lilo for that. It is
a bit complicated to install, so mail me or Bernd directly to get
some install instructions, or contact me on IRC or ICQ (see FreeDOS.org
contact list for my ICQ UIN and mailing list list for the FreeDOS IRC

When a fdconfig.sys file is found, FreeDOS will use that instead of
config.sys, and in your fdconfig.sys you can use /P=c:\fdauto.bat
argument for SHELL to make the boot process use fdauto.bat instead
of autoexec.bat ... You should indeed call FreeCOM command.com, but
you can put it into another directory. Then you avoid the problem
with having both command.com in the root directory. Make sure that
you do not overwrite MS command.com with SYS. Use the BOOTONLY
option and copy only kernel.sys manually. Make sure that you do
NOT run FreeDOS SYS until you have made a backup of your Windows
boot sector! You need it to create the dual boot menu.
A backup of MS command.com to mscmd.com cannot hurt either.

Finally, I recommend that you use SWITCHES=/E in your fdconfig.sys
to suppress EBDA movement. We found that EBDA movement is not very
compatible to many systems (similar to EMM386 NOMOVEXBDA problems...).


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