Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió:

> Hi Roberto,
> good to hear that switches=/e fixed your problem. This setting
> tells the kernel not to move the EBDA (similar to MS EMM386 NOMOVEXBDA
> setting). We found that moving the EBDA often has unwanted side effects,
> although it is really interesting to hear that it broke the combination
> LBAcache / compiler this time.

This problem does not occur in older models of Advantech, may be is a
special case.

>> lbacache FLOP
> This will - because you give no "BUF number" argument - use the default
> size of 2 MB cache. If you want for example 3 MB, use
> lbacache BUF 12 FLOP

I try with BUF 40, works fine and cuts compilation time in half,

XMS allocated 10.00 MB, driver size with tables and stack: 15147 bytes.

> You use DOS=UMB and DOSDATA=UMB, but I see that you do not load UMBPCI
> or EMM386, so I guess you have no UMBs at all (EMM386 is the driver for
> UMB and EMS - if you load UMBPCI instead, you get only UMB) and the
> DOS=UMB / ... settings have no effect.

I need to learn more about freedos, thanks for your tips.
Many years out of DOS.

>> disk 0x80 heads=0008 sectors=0032
>> Award Modular Bios v4.51PG
>> CPU Type Tillanook-MMX

Sorry is Tillamook-MMX

> Strange CPU unless you meant Intel Pentium III Tilla-something... Is it
> an embedded one? 266 MHz are more than enough for DOS. You seem to have
> a relatively small harddisk (C*8*32 geometry). Award BIOS 4.51 often has
> problems with disks > 32 GB, so if you want to upgrade... 64 MB RAM are
> fine for DOS, too. More than that. You can even use not-too-new Windows
> and Linux on such a system.

It is an industrial computer, an ISA backplane, all-in-one computer in
an ISA card. Small size, very rugged case, no fans in the motherboard,
hard watchdog,very fast boot, supports VGA/LCD. The disk is a removable
solid state SanDisk 64 Mb. 

It runs a program that controls a machine for fruit processing with two
custom-made ISA cards to interface. Memory Mapped I/O and interrupts.

> Back to LBAcache: I hope to find the time to create a slightly more user
> friendly version in the next days (new STAT screen, easier to read than
> the INFO screen, and some other smaller changes). Stay tuned.

Thanks for your excelent work and support.

Roberto Quiroga

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