Hi Olger!

FreeDOS beta 9.5 2034/FAT32 on a 10 GB / 192 MB system sounds okay...
but why on the SECOND 23 MB partition after a 40 MB DOS 6.22 one?
Will that be D: then or C:?

FreeDOS can boot from D: as long as it is a primary partition,
but it will try (in that order) to read the config from
c:\fdconfig.sys and c:\config.sys ... In there you can have
a SHELL line like SHELL=d:\freedos\bin\command.com /p=d:\fdauto.bat
but at least the fdconfig.sys itself will be read from C: ...
DEVICE=fdxms.sys probably failed because you gave no drive letter and
path. You might want to use something like
(himem "himem64" now supports > 64 MB XMS, too, and it is more compatible
to FreeDOS emm386 than fd*xms* variants)


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