Found some incredible dos network software for free.
File sharing, server, redirector, email… o my !!! if it works with freedos,
This is just what I need 

I went browsing the net for free network software I could use in some POS
(Point of sale) systems, where file sharing is needed, but I found some
problems installing the redirector, I get the message:
Unable to locate the dos Ctrl-Break handler. 
Program aborting not remaining resident.

Also the cache utility doesn’t work, it reboots my machine, so I deactivate

To test if this whose a freedos incompatibility I installed IBM PC-DOS 5.03
and both  worked fine.

I’m not much of  a dos user so please help.
Adira já ao Net Dialup Light. Acesso profissional gratuito.
NovisNet, a Internet de quem trabalha.

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