Hi, this is to inform you that I uploaded tickle-08may2004.zip again.
The LBA support had a bug which would try to the floppy when you want
to tickle the harddisk. Usually causes DOS to "give up" because it
"cannot read from harddisk". Fixed now.

About LBA / CHS tickle mode: If your partition is in the first 8 GB,
your kernel will only use LBA if you use SYS CONFIG to force it to do
so. If your partition reaches beyond the first 8 GB (1024 cylinders),
FreeDOS will always use LBA to access it (if you SYS CONFIG to block
LBA support, you will no longer be able to use that partition).
The LBA mode is supposed to be more "native" and therefore faster.
And TICKLE read-ahead is more straightforward / intense in this mode.


PS: The zip is almost 9k now because it includes my initial "5/2004 TICKLE"
introduction / test suggestion mail now...

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