> What is Tickle?
> What does it do?

Tickle is a program which is meant for using together with LBAcache.
So it is explained in lbacache.txt ...
It is a resident program (size 10-11k in RAM usually) which reads
MORE data from disk when SOME data is read from disk, following some
more or less clever algorithm.
This means that the disk is accessed less often, and each access
reads more sectors (on average). The longer reads "look ahead" a bit,
so this works because chances are good that when you read "sector 10"
you will eventually read "sector 11..13" as well. TICKLE therefore
(example!) reads "sector 10..13" at once.
This results in all 4 sectors being stored in LBAcache, waiting for
later access. When you later read sector 11, 12 or 13, they can be
provided from cache without having to fetch them from disk.

You have to enable this function for LBA / CHS harddisk access
with the LB / HD (case sensitive!) command line option of TICKLE.
For floppy, if you load TICKLE, you must have loaded LBAcache with
the FLOP command line option. You must load LBAcache *before* TICKLE.

Please read the .txt files in the LBAcache and TICKLE download for
more information. And remember that LBAcache already ships with an
older version of TICKLE, so make sure you do not overwrite the new
version with the old version when you install.


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