Hi, you wanted to convert PNG to something else: Not sure if that
helps you, but the Arachne web browser can display PNGs and it can
print pages into PostScript files...
PNG is a pretty complex format, but I am sure there are free tools
out there to process them - not only semi-free Arachne (where PNG
support might even be a plugin instead of a core component).

PS: I found that my packet driver does not like being loaded into
UMBs - it reports connection errors then. For Tyler, a similar driver
even crashes when loaded to UMBs. Probably happens because the driver
uses some fancy DMA which is not handled by EMM386. The VDS support
of EMM386 might help, did not test that yet. And we wonder what the
right DOSEMU configuration would be to make it simulate a (lowleve)
packet driver... Ideas?

PPS: In Linux (also avail for Windows, probably not for DOS), I use
the free ImageMagick tool to convert single files or whole directories
of images into other file formats or sizes. Nice for JPG thumbnails
created from [anyformat] images.

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