Hi all,
  Here's the next release of Edit, version 0.81.  I've gotten a lot of bugs/enhancements/etc...so here's the list and my reaction to some of them:
1) Default of check case in Search differs.
    -- Oh well, if you want it to match case, check the box yourself...but i'm not going to have edit do that automatically.

2) Title bar mentions 0.7a, but not 0.8.
    -- If you want to know what version you're using, go to Help|About.

3) Calendar doesn't mention Close = Ctrl+F4.
    -- It doesnt have to.  Neither do any of the other windows...does it mean I should put that message on EVERY SINGLE WINDOW??? No.  If you're a keyboard user, you should know by now that you close windows with Ctrl+F4.

4) Edit's help is not updated.
    -- It is now.

5) Readme needs to be fixed.
    -- It is.

6) EDIT 0.7a displays this as OVER and INS respectively.
    -- Oh well, deal with it.

7) The 102key keyboard detection is broken in 0.8, so AltGr does not work.
    -- Fixed in 0.81.

8) The status bar clock uses NLS in 0.7a but hardcodes hh:mmam/pm in 0.8 only.
    -- Reinstated in 0.81.

9) The ^P  ^something and direct ^something control char typing are broken in 0.8 (former creates strange effects, latter is not supported at all).
    -- Reinstated in 0.81.
10)EDIT 0.8 help only documents Ctrl/Shift Ins/Del but the drop down menu mentions Ctrl C/K/V. The editor seems to support both variants (as EDIT 0.7a did). 
    -- Fixed in 0.81.
11)Help in 0.8 does not mention Ctrl-O/S/N open/save/new...
    -- Fixed in 0.81.
12)EDIT 0.8 command line help no longer mentions /H "max lines on screen" mode.
    -- That's because this was never implemented...if anyone knows how to do this, be my guest to send me a patch and I will implement this.
13)Help about Ctrl-F8 vs Shift-F8 is somehow confusing.
    -- Fixed in 0.81.  It is Ctrl+F8 for those who dont want to read the help.
14)Ctrl-Z as Alt-Backspace alias is missing or undocumented in 0.8.
    -- Fixed in 0.81.
15)I believe that EDIT 0.8 hooks IRQ handlers for the keyboard again,
   which makes crashes worse if they happen. EDIT 0.7a explicitly avoids
   hooking IRQ handlers.
    -- Not anymore...I switched to Eric's functions for keyboard and timer, so Edit no longer uses the BIOS to hook the timer or the keyboard in 0.81.
16)If you try to save to CD-ROM and select cancel when you get the error
   message, EDIT 0.8 crashes (illegal opcode in EMM386). EDIT 0.7a handles
   the problem properly.
    -- Fixed in 0.81
and last but not least....
17)Trying to save as X:foo.txt (type X:foo.txt in filename field) silently
   saves to current drive / directory foo.txt in EDIT 0.8 but is properly
   interpreted (with error message if X: does not exist) in EDIT 0.7a.
(Try this in 0.7a, open a file, go to save as..., (assuming you're on the C: drive), save it as X:\test.txt (if you don't have an X: drive -- if you do, pick a letter you dont have), it will appear in the root directory of C:).
Anyway, you can download Edit 0.81 from my website at http://www.geocities.com/xsaintx69/freedos/

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