17-Май-2004 16:47 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Devore) wrote to

>>>>as always, your message appears as 1 long line. Very wide. Manually quoting now..
>>MD> wins and I'll change or not, accordingly.  What I won't do is change away
>>MD> from using the world-standard multi-platform Eudora after ten+ years along
>>MD> with a few million other people.
>>     Do you mean, that Eudora can't "hardly" wrap long lines?! I don't
>>beleive. :)
MD> I have no idea what Eudora is doing, the e-mails look okay to me going out
MD> with plain style.  By the way, your original quote-back was not wrapped and

- original (unqoted) letter my mailer automatically wraps (when viewed or
  when answered).
- quotes in viewed/answered letter are untouched. Thus, if someone answers
  to your letter (and not _manually_ edits your text), then I see very long
  (outside screen borders) lines.

Sometime I manually edit (your) quotes, when answer to letters (for example,
if I answer to letter of Eric, which answers to you), but in last answer to
Bernd I remain your long line untouched.

MD> indented, and Bernd's was, so what does that mean?

MD> This all would be a good deal easier if sundry people weren't taking this
MD> silly "HTML-email-is-evil, my extra bandwidth bill is .0000238 more
MD> euros/dollars when HTML is used,  my billable time to scan past a few extra
MD> lines costs an additional 3 zillion zloty's" attitude.

     Don't forget about time (to receive and process HTML letters), which
costs much more. Not all sits on wide bandwith.

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