Not overly big news, but I've updated tree.
From a DOS perspective, the only noticeable change is
the addition of an initial /P to pause implementation.
And the addition of a Latvian translation from Kristaps Kaupe.

It includes a minor fix that allows it to continue processing
subdirectories on certain errors.
The win32 version now supports the /S (short filenames only)
option (in DOS version it also disables the use of the LFN api).
The win32 version properly detects console window size and
will disable (ignore) the /P option when output is redirected,
but the DOS version assumes 80x25 screen and will still prompt
(but to stderr so you can see it) if /P and redirection are used.

 (also available on ibiblio)

(pdTree is the recommended version of tree to use for those
 who ever use a Win32 system, aren't overly concerned about
 file size, or have a Pentium or higher class computer.
 Those on 8086 systems should stay with tree 3.7x, but
 can use any of the cats message files tree.%lang% from
 newer releases of pdTree.  Presently this is just english,
 spanish, and now latvian.)

Please let me know if you find any bugs.
Still to do is query screen size for DOS and add support
for sorted output.


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