Hi everybody,

I'm glad to announce FreeDOS APPEND 5.0, which aims to be a fully
functional MS APPEND replacement for the FreeDOS project.

Although this is the first release of this program, I have named it
Version 5.0 because it implements the full MS APPEND 5.0 API, and also
to avoid confusion with the current FD APPEND 1.0. This APPEND has been
developed from scratch and shares absolutely no code with Aitor's FD
APPEND Version 1.0.

This version implements all the command line options of MS APPEND, the
whole f2FB7h API, and traps the following i21h functions: 0Fh, 23h, 3Dh,
6C00h and, if /X is enabled, 11h, 4B00h, 4B03h and 4Eh. (FCB functions
are not thoroughly tested, so they are more likely to contain bugs.) See
readme.txt if you want to know more about the implementation details.

Many thanks to Aitor for his help and support.

You can grab it from Ibiblio:

There are two packages:

appe501s.zip (sources)
appe501x.zip (executable and docs)


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