Hi Ray, answering some embedded questions...

- please update to kernel 2035 or at least use in *config.sys:
  to avoid EBDA movement problems
- FreeDOS does have an EMM386, check www.freedos.org -> software -> base
  But DR DOS EMM386 will work, too (avoid the DPMI option, though, as it
  does not work very stable in FreeDOS). Even MS EMM386 will work, but
  you have to try a few variants and command lines for the latter.
- no surprise that ATAPICDD did not work well for you, but SHSUCDX 2.1a
  should really work! Check the SHSUCDX /? output or my sample freedos-config.txt
  file, as mentioned in one of my earlier mails.
  Example: LH c:\somedir\shsucdx /d:FDCD0001,N
  where N is the drive letter. You can also use the CDRcache CD-ROM cache
  and the LBAcache harddisk / floppy cache and the TICKLE read-ahead tool
  for floppy and so on :-).

With NOEMS option of EMM386 I get enough free UMBs to load all UMB-
compatible drivers into UMB, leaving 622k of low DOS RAM free :-).

[You wrote:
Conventional          634K        139K        495K
Extended (XMS)    261,056K        366K    260,690K
FreeDOS is resident in the high memory area.
... and you have NC and 2 FreeCOM instances loaded. 13k NC and
3k+151k_XMS for each FreeCOM. And huge 62k for NWCDEX ...]


PS: We have no DPMS tool but you can enable the experimental VDS
support in EMM386, just use the VDS option.

PPS: If you use FAT32, try the -32 kernel... but be aware that
fdconfig... is always read from the drive which is called C:, and
that might be a different drive for the -32 kernel than for the
-16 kernel which can only see FAT12 and FAT16. Both can use LBA
for (depending on BIOS abilities) up to 128 GB / 2048 GB disk size :-).

> DRDOS 7, FreeDOS 5, MSDOS 6 and Win98SE.
Interesting collection. Let me know if you have
time for some comparisons / benchmarks / ... ;).

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