12-Июн-2004 21:29 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ray Davison) wrote to

RD> Does FreeDOS not have emm386.exe or dpms.exe?

     DPMS.EXE is is proprietary Novell program with implementation of DPMS,
which was never be common. EMM386.EXE for FD exists, see the links on the

RD> FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.33 (Build 2033) [Jan 31 2004}

     Very old kernel, update it to 2035 from freedos.sf.net.

RD> Segment   Size       Name         Type
RD> ------- --------  ----------  -------------
RD>    0E9C      128   NWCDEX |    environment
RD>    0EA5    62256   NWCDEX |    program
RD>    1DE2     3312   

     Looks like you use old version of MEM. :) Update it from

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