I use dosemu/freedos on my linux box.

Is it possible to lay down a FAT16 file system on my disk?
I created a partition on my hard drive /dev/sda1 fat16 using fdisk from
I want to laydown the filesystem.
How can i accomplish this?

The tool to write a file system on DOS is FORMAT. Being a dangerous command, I suggest to use a Linux tool, such as mkdosfs (from the package dosfstools).

Not that FORMAT wouldn't work, but you may find difficult to know which drive letter has been assigned to your target partition. Giving the wrong drive letter can make you erase a partition containing useful data. If you have only one FAT partition across all your hard disks then it must be C:, so FORMAT C: will do the trick.

Note that there is an upper limit for FAT16 partitions (I don't remember for sure, it can be 2 GiB or 4 GiB), and that for partitions greater than 512 MiB it's better to use FAT32 for performance/best allocation.


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