Hi, yes, you have to copy fdosboot.bin to the Linux partition
IF you want to use it. It is easier to simply do a SYS C: and
then only enter the partition itself as Lilo menu entry, without
specifying any special boot loader (just use the default chain-
loader for DOS-style OSes - this default chainloader should
already be in your /boot). Lilo has no idea about ANY filesystem.
It can only load boot sectors (from partitions or files) and
Linux kernels (but only after collecting a list of the sector
numbers where the kernel can be found: this is why you have to
run Lilo again every time when you modify the kernel file). For
DOS booting, simply tell Lilo to boot the partition where DOS
is, and do not forget to use SYS to make the partition bootable.

Using the fdosboot.bin file is only important if you have more
than one DOS / Windows version all on the SAME drive letter.
Each drive letter only has one boot sector. But if you store
the boot sectors in files, Lilo can use the files instead of
the boot sector. This allows you to have more than one Lilo
menu entry for the same drive (e.g. "WindowsC" and "DOSC" both
pointing to the same C: is only possible for Lilo if you copy
the boot sectors to files).


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